The Clownfish: the matriarch

The Clownfish: the matriarch Admin February 06, 2019

The clownfish is unique. Depending on the different species, its colours are unique and include the whole spectrum of the rainbow Additionally, they are highly intelligent, given that they use synergies with anemones (predatory coral) without coming to any harm, in a symbiotic relationship that is almost unique in nature. 
The most interesting thing about them is that they are organised in matriarchies. They are all born male, and when they reach maturity they become monogamous mates, where one of them becomes female. When the female deposits her eggs, the male fertilises them and is in charge of looking after them and giving them air with its fins during the gestation, then releasing the eggs when they are ready. The female is easy to identify, as it’s the largest. When the female dies, the male becomes female and looks after the clan.
Look at that! What do you think? By the way... we don’t like Disney very much, because some of its messages seem ambiguous and even harmful in some cases. What really happened to Nemo?

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