The Seahorse, the genius fish

The Seahorse, the genius fish Admin February 05, 2019

One of the most interesting living creatures is the Hippocampus or the seahorse, which includes more than 50 species.
We have chosen it as an example of the many ways that nature chooses to show us that there is no normal, nor just one way to express one’s gender.
Seahorses mate by carrying out a sensual dance where the female releases her eggs and quickly inserts them in the abdomen of the male, where they are fertilised. The male gestates the eggs for six weeks and then rubs its belly against shells to release the babies. The babies begin to adapt to their environment, but when there is danger they return to the male’s abdomen until they are completely self-sufficient.
Incredible, no? And here we are, still arguing about gender equality and opportunities!

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