About us

We’re a group of people who make designs for all groups that do not fit in with conventional social norms.
Pushing the boundaries using clear messages is our goal and our way of contributing to these groups’ ability to express themselves freely.


Designing T-shirts and all kinds of clothing for people who have opted for a different way to feel good about themselves and their sexual orientation.
We also make designs for people who have built different or single-parent families.

Our View

Being a group of open-minded people who can detect the needs of different groups, and in this way promote their ability to express themselves and their normalisation.

Our Values

Social Commitment
Courage, drive and strength
Zero tolerance towards any kind of abuse or aggression.


We design so that we can highlight the rights that belong to us as human beings: the right to choose our gender and everything that this entails.
Acceptance, normalisation and sustainability are the emotional pillars we lean upon in order  to create unique and original designs.
We suport independence. This site was created wit our own funding. We all continue to work in our day-time jobs and meet in our free time. We don’t accept help or donations form crowd funding, business angels, or Guru. We don’t have a CEO and we all participate equally. 
We work towards a safe and clean internet. Transparent. We only work with eco-friendly and sustainable companies. We don’t follow any established method. We look for your support and to promote all kinds of activities that will return people their courage to exercise their rights. Rights that should be given to us as humans.